Chase Framework

If you’re looking for a blank canvas with which you can bring your exhibit to life, the Chase Framework has you covered. Create powerful exhibits with highly customizable add-ons, and heirloom-quality build. Chase Crates easily transform from shipping mode into exhibit elements with magnetic panels, interpretive add-ons, and high-impact graphics.


  • Quick conversion from traveling crate to museum exhibit
  • Can be enhanced with up to four pivot panel and banner-ready posts
  • Add nesting pedestals for more exhibit floor space without increased shipping volume; nesting pedestals pack away neatly inside Chase Crates
  • Crates come in standard and compact sizes
  • Magnetic panels easily switch out to create a new temporary or traveling exhibit
  • Finished tops can be easily adapted for attached tabletop cases

Want to see the Chase Framework in action? Explore the Bandits & Heroes or Discover Exoplanets traveling exhibits!