Upland® Matfield

Modular Reader Rail System

Design just the rail you need. It's easy!

1. Measure your space

2. Design a rail using the modular components
Let us know if you'd like help!

3. Contact us to place your order

4. Install your new rail with only a few bolts!

Modular Reader Rail Components

Core Rail Components

Rail Body


Leg Unit


45 Degree Corner Connectors

45 Deg Inside


45 Deg Outside


90 Degree Corner Connectors

90 Deg Inside


90 Deg Outside


Simple Rail Example

Rail Body
Leg Unit
Leg Unit



Upland Exhibit Systems Modular Reader Rail - Triple 45 S configuration
Triple 45 "S" Configuration

Rail Body x3
Leg Unit x6
45 Inside Connector
45 Outside Connector



Need help with a layout? Want to talk about options?

contact an Upland exhibit designer

Graphics by Upland®

UV cured inkjet prints to durable aluminum composite materials.

Want to print your own graphics?
Go fot it! Order graphics backers and adhere your own graphics panels!

Upland Exhibit Systems Reader Rail graphics cross-section
alert iconAdd your own graphics by purchasing additional graphics backers

Interactivity Add-ons

Upland Exhibit Systems - Pizza Hut Museum piano hinge flipper interactive

piano hinge flipper

Upland Exhibit Systems - Mutter Museum u-bolt flipper interactive

u-bolt flipper

Upland Exhibit Systems - Chisholm Trail Exhibit shallow object case

shallow object case

Upland Exhibit Systems - Pizza Hut Museum integrated touchscreen

integrated video screens

Upland Exhibit Systems - Chisholm Trail exhibit audio rail button

pushbutton audio players


Can you make custom rail sizes?
Absolutely! Just describe what you're looking for size-wise and we'll let you know what it will cost to produce.

Can you make a shorter / taller rail?
Yes. Please contact us for a quote.

Do you have other wood options?
We can make the rails out of other woods, but they will cost a little more. Contact us for a quote.

Can I buy the components without a finish?
Yes, subtract $100/part.

The rail is getting expensive. Can I get a discount for a large order?
Most likely, yes. We offer a volume discount but don't publicize the discount amount. We'd be happy to put together a custom quote. Just ask!

Can I add my own graphics?
Absolutely! Each rail body comes with 1 graphics substrate to which you can adhere a number of different graphics. You're also welcome to buy additional graphics substrate panels to create alternate graphics that can be swapped out or replaced as desired. The graphics substrate panel simply bolts on to the rail from the underside.

How much do graphics cost?
We don't include the cost of graphics in the rail price as a number of our customers want to add their own graphics. If you'd like a quote to design and/or produce graphics for your rail, just let us know!


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