Flexible, feather-light and tough as nails, LEK Frameworks are invaluable tools for modular, mobile displays.

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Upland’s StoryCarts help you tell a single story in a contained, mobile exhibit.

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Bison Crates

Ideal for traveling and temporary exhibits, Bison Crates frame your content in flexible, beautiful and intelligent ways.

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Chase Frameworks

Upland’s Chase Framework gives organizations a tool to create powerful exhibits with magnetic panels, highly customizable add-ons, and durable build.

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Interpretive Add-Ons

Pivot panels and label rails give you innovative solutions to help you tell your story in dynamic and interactive ways.

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Case Study

See how Bison Crates helped give shape to an exhibit about climate science in Kansas.

EPSCoR Case Study


Wingspan Connectors

Change the way you make mounts for the better. With a simple twist, you can reposition artifacts or labels without remaking connectors. Another twist secures the angle.

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Standard & Nesting Pedestals

Highly adaptable and customizable, and featuring inset vitrine channels for an elegant display solution.

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