The Upland Story

Upland Exhibit Systems is a new brand of products built by Flint Hills Design, inspired by nearly a decade of experience designing permanent and traveling exhibits. Many of these projects were close collaborations with the exhibit design team at Kauffman Museum. From those experiences we learned the power of inventive modern design combined with heirloom-quality fabrication that has been Kauffman Museum’s hallmark since 1984.


Our first design project was a close collaboration with Kauffman Museum and Mid-America Arts Alliance: a traveling exhibit that told the story of the American bison. Upland’s Bison Crates were borne out of the unique spatial and traveling demands of that project.

StoryCarts find their genesis in conversations between Flint Hills Design, Kauffman Museum, and Wichita Sedgwick County Historical Museum’s Abby Miller about the role that contained, single-module mobile exhibits might play for museums and cultural organizations with more content than space.

Wingspan Connectors were developed in response to the challenge of delivering content and displaying artifacts on the indoor artificial mountainside that makes up the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Experience.

The Upland Chase Framework took the same principles that have guided Flint Hills Design’s previous exhibit projects and followed them through to their most elegant conclusion yet: a flexible, customizable crate-based traveling exhibit framework that converts from road-ready to museum-worthy in no time.


For panel-based exhibits, trade shows and conventions, we built LEK Frameworks to deliver beauty, flexibility and affordability in a package that breaks down small enough to fit into a duffel bag.

At Flint Hills Design our roots run deep, and every day we draw on our influences and experiences as we continue to translate our innovative museum design and fabrication into products that expand and strengthen the Upland Exhibit System line.

From Here Onward.